Mona's family is her foundation for service.  Here's Mona with her father, two nephews, brother, mother and sister-in-law. 

Mona's family is her foundation for service.  Here's Mona with her father, two nephews, brother, mother and sister-in-law. 

A First Generation American

Mona Das was born to Indian parents who immigrated to America when she was 8 months old with $6 in their pocket, and an unfailing desire to build a better life for their family.

Her father worked tirelessly to become a noted materials science engineer. As in many Indian families, her mother was the foundation of the Das family and over the years taught many fellow immigrants how to get by in America. Both of Mona’s parents imbued her with courage, determination, and a strong work ethic.

In the Das family, education was a top priority, and therefore Mona attended the University of Cincinnati where she earned a BA in Psychology helping her to excel in early roles within the tech industry, both internationally and domestically.

A Successful Business Owner

In 1996, Mona moved to the Pacific Northwest, establishing the roots of her early career and business success. In Portland, she enjoyed a successful career in the tech industry before launching MOXY Mortgage in 2004, a mortgage business focused on educating and empowering first-time homebuyers. 

Mona's passion for helping people who were underserved by other home loan providers helped grow the company into  a 50-state lender.  MOXY Mortgage has earned a Five-Star Mortgage Professional Award every year since the award's inception. 

Community First, Always

Mona knows that the state of our economy shapes how we live in our great state. She also deeply appreciates that a thriving economy must co-exist with healthy ecosystems, which after all is why many of us live in this beautiful place.

In 2012, she went back to school to earn an MBA in sustainable business from Pinchot University (now Presidio Graduate School). She continues to serve on the Board of Trustees where she is one of the school’s leading fundraisers for educational programs, and mentors next-generation sustainable business leaders. Her commitment to equality—for immigrants, women, and anyone in our society who needs a stronger voice—motivated her to hold leadership positions for organizations including:

For the People: Integrity, Accountability, Fairness

Mona attended the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University in 2015. Her experience there cemented her resolve to run for office in order to more profoundly champion the rights of all people.



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